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The Virgin of Sorrows

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Chapel of
the Virgin of

Splendid the meaning denoted in the emblem that dominates this altar dedicated to the Virgin of Sorrows : a pelican ( a symbol of the Lord ) that tears his breast with its beak to feed with their own flesh , her small chick .Under the coat of arms  the name of the donor and year of the dedication of this work (1883 ) .The statuary group of characters are crucified Jesus , at his feet the Cross embraced by Magdalene , his Mother and St. John -  instead are standing.
From this standing up of Mary , near the dying Christ on the cross , was born the famous Latin sequence Stabat mater .These statues are of an almost life-size and placed in a niche , closed by a door with glass (The statuary group of this chapel is from Paris.)
Note that in marble panels - that adorn the walls of this altar - they depict the tools of passion ( pliers, hammer, scourge ,ladder , sponge, spear, dice , Veronica's veil , crown of thorns , reed, the column of flagellation ) .
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updated 10 February 2024
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