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how to arrive

Aerial view of the Abbey
Seen by air where we are, I would like to help you get here .
The important thing now is to know where you coming from
aurelia road
train station
local street
At this point, there are still  two other possible routes .
1. by sea

very nice!
For centuries, many ships were moored in front of our coasts to allow the sailors to come down with the boats to dissolve their votes to Our Lady of Pia, for graces received.
There were times when the Abbey looked directly on the beach and ... even the Pope, Clement VII (the famous one to have suffered the sack of Rome by mercenaries in 1527) came from the sea as well. But few know that - according to an established tradition - in the first decades of the 1600s, in our Abbey was a renowned sailing school, attended by children of the nobility of Spain and Italy. Once a year, this school did, with students, a long "school trip" to the Balearic Islands.
They were times in which there were not only the problems of the sea - that could become very dangerous in a long journey - but there was also the possibility to be prey of pirates who infested the Mediterranean. It shows that the school was run by people who knew their business even when it came to face a long voyage at sea. I wonder if some naval officer, before becoming monk, was a catfish so smart to outwit even the fast pirate ships and now had a strong desire to teach the tricks of the trade to the  young apprentices mariners . air

Very original, but we would strongly advise against !
Pin point the cloisters in the descent is not easy : Finalpia , sometimes , is very windy ...
Postal Address:
Abbazia S. Maria di Finalpia
17024 Finale Ligure Pia (SV) Italy
Telephone +39 019 602 301  Fax: +39 019 604 9940
updated 10 February 2024
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