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(At about twenty) Benedict craved to submit himself to hardships and works for love of God, rather than get the honors of this life

He went to a solitary and desert place, called Subiaco, about 40 miles from Rome… In that place of loneliness… He hides in a  scabrous cave. He stayed hidden there three years and nobody knew about it, with the exception of monk Romano.
(From the book of the Dialogues of St. Gregory the Great)

Lumina si quaeris, Benedicte, quid eligis antra ?
Quaesiti servant luminis antra nihil.
Sed perge in tenebris radiorum quaerere lucem
Nonnisi ab oscura sidera nocte micant.

(If you go in search of the light, Benedict, why you have chosen the caverns? Caverns don't contain the light that you are looking for. But continue to look for it in the darkness, because only in a dark night the stars shine).

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