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For centuries we have been close to the sea , almost lapped by the waves .
(The Abbey in the early 1900s : picture taken from a boat , close to the Castelletto)

Today we are still close to the sea , but surrounded by  many houses.

You are about to enter a Benedictine Abbey
A monastery where, under the guidance of an abbot , the monks live

Monasticism can seem like a phenomenon of the past .

Yet the monks - while leading a private life - are present also today .
Those who feel the call of the voice that resonates in the silence of the heart , he knows where to find them .

It is proof of the fame achieved by the film Great Silence , shot in the Grande Chartreuse monastery in the French Alps near Grenoble .
Grande Chartreuse , founded around the year 1080 .
Sacro Speco ( Lazio , upstream of Subiaco ) : monastery that incorporates the cave where St. Benedict began his monastic adventure , around the year 500
Benedictine Monastery of Finalpia , founded by a Bull of Pope Sixtus IV of 21 September 1476 .

The evocative Word that St. Benedict heard in the middle of the first millennium , continued to resonate with the passage of time .
After the Papal Bull , the construction of the Abbey of Finalpia finally began in 1491 .
The beauty of a Word so ancient and so new still enact all the charm , for those who feel it vibrate .
Also today !

Next to the front door to our Monastery there is this shield (stone medallion).
The clypeus - overlooking the ancient entrance of he vegetable garden of our Monastery (now the entrance is walled) depicts a Madonna and Child. The inscription on the outer edge, in Gothic characters, dates back to 1463 and shows the name of Viscontina Bernabé Adorno, wife of John I of Carretto. This clypeus was originally in the Palace of the Marquis of Carretto in Finalborgo, now the Court House.
Who knows when and how it got here!?

Postal Address:
Abbazia S. Maria di Finalpia
17024 Finale Ligure Pia (SV) Italy
Telephone +39 019 602 301  Fax: +39 019 604 9940
updated 20 March 2023
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